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Spring Wine Guide

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Toast the turning season with Diana Joseph's perfect pairings for every occasion.

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Construction Progress: March 2018

Nov 2017 JC1

Look how far we've come! Check out this construction progress update from Westman Village.

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Nip Spring Allergies in the Bud

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Be proactive protecting yourself against spring allergies with these natural remedies.

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Get Fit While You Sit

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Try these simple seated yoga poses to invigorate your mind and body!

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Westman Village set to transform residential living


Jayman BUILT's new development in Mahogany, Westman Village, has lots to offer new residents.

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'Enough good signs' led to multi-family growth for 2017


Receiving good signs from the economy is enough to encourage more building in the multi-family market.

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Jayman BUILT's Westman Village opens state-of-the-art amenity centre


The Village Centre, at the heart of Westman Village, is now open and ready to foster new experiences and friendships.

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Introducing Village Life Magazine

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We're excited to introduce our inaugural issue of Village Life Magazine! You can pick up your copy now!

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Unique community coming to fruition


What do 5,000 bottles of wine and 40,000 sqft have in common? Read more to find out!

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Technology posed to reinvent the industry


Technological developments in placemaking and transportation are being adopted in Mahogany.

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