The ultimate lifestyle now and as your journey continues

Journey Club is designed to offer a fulfilling experience for all retirement lifestyles, with endless opportunities for connection, enrichment and personal growth. There’s never been a higher quality of life available. For any age group—let alone for seniors.

Everything that could contribute to an active, enriched quality of life has been thought through down to the smallest detail. Journey Club is designed with life’s ever-evolving journey in mind. We’ve set it up so everything is here waiting for you as your needs change.


Journey Club brings everything good you’ve ever experienced in life together in one place. Imagine everything from a world-class restaurant, concierge service and driving service to pet care, plant watering, personal trainers and wake-up and tuck-in service. Not to mention the peace of mind that – through our partnership with Asura who are redefining excellence in seniors’ care – you’ll have immediate access to every level of care you could ever need.

Assisted Living

Experience the warmth, empathy and integrity of quality care delivered with love. Our professional, highly-trained care team, will give you and your loved ones the peace of mind that comes with knowing someone is there whenever you need them. We are here to ensure your health care meets your needs and goals, whatever they may be. We support our assisted living residents through all of life’s transitions by understanding their vision for living well and customizing a solution in collaboration with our senior care experts.

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Flexible Financing

At Journey Club, choice and flexibility is as important as the accommodations and care. Depending on your current financial position and future goals, we can work with you to determine whether ownership, rental or Life Lease is the best path for you to embark on the next phase of your life at Journey Club.

Join us at the new Discovery Centre. Whether you’re a senior, or the family of a senior, we’re sure you’ll be impressed.

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