Travelling with Perspective

Posted by Lauren Johnson on Apr 18, 2019

A thirst for adventure is not reserved strictly for fresh faced youths. Though priorities change with age, intriguing new experiences are never more than a plane ride away in the modern era, and a little planning can keep you and yours in the thick of exciting people and places for years to come.

Here at Journey Club and Westman Village, dream vacations have an even easier time coming to life. The things older travelers really don’t care for -- surprises, hassle, finicky details -- can be mitigated by a vacation service like Civilized Adventures. If you’ve been around the Village Centre for any of the Speakers’ Series centred around travel, like the talk on Australia and New Zealand, you may have already heard of Civilized Adventures and their boutique travel planning service.

Katie Scott has been helping seniors achieve their travel dreams with Civilized Adventures and has seen the best way to keep journeys sustainable and enjoyable. “In any travel experience, coordination is key,” she explains. “We make sure you get the most out of your travels by eliminating stress and taking care of all the details while completely catering to your needs and desires. That way, you get the trip of a lifetime.” She and the Civilized Adventures team arrange tasks down to airport pickups, transfers between hotels, and daily touring. Their experience catering to the needs of seniors and boomers means they can account for personal needs like dietary or mobility restrictions.

So with an asset like Civilized Adventures in your corner, what can you expect to get for an upcoming travel experience? How in depth can peoples’ customized vacations get? “What we find with current clients is they are combining more trips, doing three or four countries in a single venture, whether through river cruising, overland transfers or flights. They are also taking more time away on each trip, spending three or four weeks and getting to know each area in more depth.” Ultimately, your trip is your own, and Civilized Adventures is ready to go as deep as you need in order to achieve the experiences you desire.

Travelling later in life comes with its own set of goals, so where people travelling after university may want spontaneity and novelty, seniors and boomers will have other things in mind. As Katie explains, “[priorities for] our travellers … depend greatly on how well travelled they are. If it is their first time on an adventure trip, such as a safari, clients tend to ask questions about safety, food and accommodations. Many are surprised by the level of luxury we provide and throughout all our adventures we and our guides and suppliers on the ground practice the highest level of safety.”

“We find people’s priorities have shifted … with regards to what is happening in the world. Travellers who want to visit pristine or iconic places such as Antarctica or Macchu Picchu want to do that soon as the area is changing due to an influx of tourism and development. Our more mature clients also seem to travel more often as they are keen to see the world before any serious ailments or illnesses make it more difficult.”

Your personal travel dream is achievable now, and if you care to make use of a team of travel professionals, Katie and the Civilized Adventures team are a phone call away.


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