Construction Progress: January 2018

Posted by Lauren Johnson on Mar 18, 2019

With the Village Centre now open we decided to take to the winter air to see it in action.

WV Jan6-2018 Edited-27.jpgThe Village Centre is now open offering food, exercise, entertainment, reflection, education, sharing, celebrating and much more. Book your tour of the Village Centre today.


WV Jan6-2018 Edited-6.jpg43 kilometres of walking trails including this ice skating path that leads you to two outdoor rinks.


WV Jan6-2018 Edited-12.jpgThe cold winter was not stopping the team on making good progress on Lyric Choice Leases.


WV Jan6-2018 Edited-18-1.jpgJourney Club is nearly complete and ready for people at all levels of retirement.


WV Jan6-2018 Edited-19.jpgAs Calligraphy continues to progress, condo owners can be comfortable knowing that their Westman Village community will be surrounded by extraordinary amenities.

Want to see what Westman Village will look like when it's completed? Explore our website and view the breathtaking renderings and videos. 


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